Wednesday, July 29, 2015

10 Things We Now Know About 2015 Phish

It's been a while since I have had a chance to write for the Farmhouse Blog. In the meantime it seems like most blogs have slowed down - if not stopped completely - writing about Phish. YEMBlog still posts a question, Zac has great insight from @TheBabysMouth, and @HFPod hosts wonderful podcasts... But a lot of other folks have stepped away (cc: @MrMiner). The buzz from the "return" in 2009 has subsided and the band has found ways to divide their time outside of the "Core Phour" (see what I did there?). I miss having a topic to discuss, and hearing the opinions of others.  So here I am... ready to try to get the conversation going.

10 Things We Now Know About 2015 Phish

1. The Band Looks Healthy and Energized.
2. Trey has changed his rig - which has changed his tone.
3. Page has eaten a lot of sandwiches.
4. Mike Gordon's time with his solo band has given him new confidence.
5. Fishman is really trying to make this Touchpants thing happen.
6. They are still able to bring the Type 2 jams (see Shoreline).
7. They are still prone to an "off" night (see Austin).
8. They can still bring IT (see The Forum).
9. A lot of new song debuts, which in the past has been a good thing.
10. The band has been playing songs in a slower, more deliberate manner. The result is songs that sound rehearsed and well-played - not rushed. Some really subtle tones and textures. This is a great thing.


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