Wednesday, September 25, 2013

In Honor of the MSG Announcement: CHEESECAKE! 1999 Phish NYE Video from Big Cypress

In 1999 Phish played a swamp in Florida as the biggest concert celebration of the New Millennium in all of North America (just barely beating out Celine Dion). Big Cypress NYE has gone on to be considered Phish's most daring and musically comprehensive festival set in history. Raging long jams and creating sonic landscapes for hours upon hours....until the sun rise over the gator infested ditches of South Florida. However, this historic night started with an innocuous segment on ABC news for their nightly coverage of Y2K. Most people watched at home with their tin foil hats, fearful of the machines taking over at the stroke of midnight. We all sat in that Florida National Park and screamed "CHEESECAKE!" at the top of our lungs as the band opted for the dulcet tones of Heavy Things. Here's yer sign....

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