Thursday, April 4, 2013

Welcome, this is The Farmhouse...

I have long been interested in providing interesting analysis of one of the world's best and oft overlooked bands - Phish. While I have been listening and following Phish musically since 1992, I did not attend my first Phish concert until Fall 1997. I walked into a the Cleveland State University Convocation Center and my life was forever changed: hundreds of balloons, a cloud of smoke and the erratically funky beat to the song Ghost welcomed me to my new home.

I will be focusing this blog initially on the various phases of Phish's live music that helped shape the way I experienced the world; in hopes that others may too share these memories or be inspired to start their own musical journey. I will not be going in chronological order - as many critics choose to do - but rather to jump around and focus on the different Era's of Phish and the phases that have so defined the last 30 years of their storied career.

As my first post, I leave you with some of the most recent Phish lyrics to touch the hearts and minds of so many Phans. This is the final couplet of "Steam" lyrics by Trey Anastasio and Tom Marshall:

Now you forever sing your song,  with the wolves where you belong
Now quite alone I often dream, I hear you singing through the steam

Ceol Saol,


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